As per NASA, Giant asteroid to get close to Earth on Christmas day

In the thing is turning into an ordinary event, since we need more issues to manage on Earth, another monster object in space is clearly set out right toward us. CTV News brings word that NASA reports of a “massive asteroid” maybe bigger than two football fields is shutting down in on our area and will be passing by Earth tomorrow, Christmas Day. Known as space rock 501647 and furthermore assigned as “2014 SD224,” the space rock will be at its nearest to Earth at around 3:20 P.M. ET.

Fortunately the space rock won’t connect with Earth and the nearest it will come is inside 1.8 million miles of the surface.

For those keeping track at home, that implies that the space rock is a small amount of the size of one seen in mainstream disaster films. Take for instance Deep Impact, which includes a comet that is seven miles wide. The current space rock is assessed to be somewhere in the range of 92 and 210 meters (300 to 689 feet), making it generally 2% the size of that popular space object.

The space rock as found in Armageddon was significantly greater however, estimating 600 miles long and requiring the aptitude of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck.

Of note is that space rock 501647, first seen in August of 2014, is named a NEO (Near-Earth Object) and NASA has even ordered it as a “potentially hazardous” Near-Earth Object. NASA will clearly be checking its course for the duration of the day.

For explanation, “potentially hazardous” Near-Earth Objects are not assigned as such on account of how close they may be to hitting our planet but since of their size. The site additionally reports that two other NEOs are set to fly past Earth however they’re a lot more modest than space rock 501647 and “pose no threat to Earth.”

Information on this space rock comes a long time after NASA uncovered “an object of unknown origin” would skate past Earth in the early morning of December 1. Despite the fact that it stood out as truly newsworthy and spread around the web due to the obscenity of that stating, the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory had a hypothesis about what the item was yet couldn’t affirm it until it cruised by.

After it cleared the skies it was affirmed that this NEO was 1960’s-Era Centaur rocket booster. This denoted the second time that a rocket stage from a past dispatch was trapped in the circle of the Earth as in 2002 piece of the Saturn V rocket from Apollo 12 apparently passed our planet also.

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