The ‘Dakar Rally’ now features Mid-Air Collisions

Groups taking an interest in the 2021 Dakar Rally should obviously now add helicopter impacts to the list of convention risks. As though Dakar were not effectively risky enough.

Watch as this Kamaz gets some sweet lift subsequent to turning over a hill at speed, just to cut the pallet of a low-flying press helicopter:

The scene unfolded in the twelfth and last phase of the convention, along the Yanbu-Jeddah route in Saudi Arabia. The truck you see here is from the KAMAZ-ace group, and it was being driven by Anton Shibalov.

Think how quick that Kamaz planned to disregard an entire chopper like that, failing to miss a beat. That apparatus is unquestionably not the correct mix of mass and idleness to play with. Somebody should advise that chopper’s pilot to regard whatever enormous, going that quick.

Regardless of the tussle with the rotary-wing aircraft, the Russian group’s No. 501 truck proceeded to put second in the last phase of the occasion, and another KAMAZ-ace truck, No. 507, set first. That drove the group to triumph, and denotes its eighteenth in general success in the Dakar Rally.

A record like that makes certain to make all the blasts and scuffs justified, despite all the trouble for the champs. Indeed, the harm to the truck was not at all genuine, and the chopper’s pallet appears to have done no harm the truck taxi. Despite the fact that they don’t think the truck’s primary trustworthiness was ever being referred to.

The accompanying inquiry is more forthright: What happened to the helicopter? In the video, we see the chopper rapidly pull away after it cuts the truck.

Furthermore, it doesn’t appear to have supported significant harm. The truck gets more coverage in the clasp than the aircraft, yet we can see that the helicopter pilot took in the exercise and subsequently waits a piece, allowing the Kamaz to surge ahead.

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