Ecommerce Credit Card Testing Fraud | AI Visitor Bot Authentication Launched

The newly launched subscription service serves as the first layer of protection against unwanted bots that engage in credit card testing fraud without the need for Captcha. Pristine Traffic has launched its service to prevent fraud while still allowing human visitors and good bots to access websites and online stores.

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The need to go through Captcha has been shown to deter a percentage of potential customers from making purchases on e-commerce sites. Pristine Traffic has been launched to detect bots that commit credit card testing fraud and filter them out without inconveniencing customers.

Malicious bots come in two varieties: the first, generalized bots, are mass-produced to scan websites for easily exploitable weaknesses. When a weakness has been found, hackers then target it with the second type of malicious bot, a custom bot, which is designed to attack a specific website.

Credit card testing fraud is often committed when humans or bots test stolen credit cards on a website to determine if the card is still active. Most on-site fraud detection measures are not triggered by small transactions, allowing fraudsters to check stolen cards with impunity. In some cases, the store may be liable for fraudulent purchases or face a loss of reputation.

Pristine Traffic provides e-commerce stores with “pristine” traffic that is free of credit card testing bots and other malicious traffic. The platform also provides edge-of-network blocking for websites. This means that bots are stopped before they have a chance to enter the site and find or exploit a weakness in security. By providing an obstacle to the generalized bots, hackers are more likely to choose a different target for custom attacks.

Because the service is edge-of-network, it does not place any major load on the network. This prevents network slowdowns or the need for major changes to the infrastructure of the site. Pristine Traffic can also be easily integrated with other security systems.

Subscribers to Pristine Traffic’s service can establish a verified access list, guaranteeing that beneficial bots and human traffic are allowed onto their website. Pristine Traffic then uses machine learning to deny access to any unwanted bots and adapt in real-time.

The service provided by Pristine Traffic is offered month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. While subscribed, the automated service provides 24-hour protection.

Pristine Traffic is a self-service platform that empowers websites to decide which traffic they want to allow and prevents visits from unauthorized bots. Subscribers are offered protection from fraud without a decrease in sales.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our Machine Learning engine provides you with the real-time insight you need to optimize your sales pipeline to ensure that the only traffic coming to your site is ‘pristine traffic’.”

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