Metal Time: Exquisite 100% Pure-Steel Mechanical Moving Models

Metal Time is a unique construction set made of eco-friendly materials that enables you to make stunning steel models of submarines, ships, lighthouses, helicopters and much more. The pieces that these models are comprised from are long-lasting and water-resistant so that you can marvel at your creation for years to come. They’re also fully recyclable so that you can rest assured that they’re as environmentally friendly as possible. Over half of all stainless steel in use today has been sourced from scrap materials, meaning that the material might have been recycled already. The finished products are highly collectible, visually stunning and make for great household decorations.

These models are the brainchild of a global team of enthusiastic engineers, and not only give the fingers and brains of the assembler a thorough workout but can also improve motor and thinking skills. They are currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and each one comes with a styled label pin included in the giftbox, which makes for a great accompanying gift and is collectable in its own right. The models not only look amazing but also have moving parts, for example a wind-up moving mechanism on the stunning Elusive Nautilus submarine model and rotating propellors on the Lost at Sea model ship. This means that you can be responsible for creating something with working parts as opposed to a static ornament. The Sailor’s Companion lighthouse model even comes with a swivel spotlight so that it’s as close as possible to the real thing.

Other models include the Guardians of the Coast model boat, complete with a rotating marine radar, the Astronauts Lodge space-station model, which rotates on its axis to mimic the movements on a real-life space station, the Lifting Spirit model helicopter, with rotating blades and opening doors, and the Air Force aircraft-engine model, which also has rotating blades and is perfect for using to explain to children how an airplane works. These are but a few of the plethora of different models that are available. Whether you’re looking for an engrossing new hobby, a novel talking point for your house or to spend time with loved ones engaging in a collective creative activity, Metal Time provides something for everyone. Support the Kickstarter today in order to get your hands on a model as your reward for a donation of $39 or above by going to the following link: 

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