Sire Montgomery Carries Many Talents

United Ststes — Well-known entrepreneur Sire Montgomery was raised in Charlotte, NC and has family traditions from Georgia, and New York. While raised in Charlotte, NC, those alternate summers spent in both Georgia and Atlanta seeing his parents played a pivotal roll in the style oozing from the stature of Sire Montgomery. Before birth, Sire Montgomery’s mother was an Avid Concert goer. She also sang background for some of your favorite groups. Sire Montgomery’s grandmother was also a pastor for years.

This mix of talent birthed the vein of the prolific performer he inspired himself to be. The self-driven vocalist was raised in a church. The Deep South background of harmonies glory played a role in his fondness for music. He sang in choirs, played the piano, drums, and learned from many musicians as he developed. His inspiration and motive to aspire in music grew each day. As a teenager, he lost his voice during puberty and has enjoyed the journey of finding it again as he aged and was successful in doing so. Aside from the singer having skill in his vocals, he has a super talented family and tight knit family. These cousins spam all over the world and are only one call away. All of the cousins in his family show love to each other through everything against them. The admiration for family, loyalty, and an undeniable bond shows through Sire Montgomery’s enchanting vocal abilities.

During this process, Sire Montgomery has written for many. Sire Montgomery has ties to Whitney Houston, Tony Toni Tone, Wes Montgomery, Cheryl Lynn, Cam Newton, and many more incredible music artists who have shared what music is today. The vocalist has truly shown his true authenticity and it has been recognized from all his friends, family, and fans around the globe. In college, the talented musician performed in front of the entire student body numerous times. Sire Montgomery’s favorite performance was at A&T State University’s Aggie Yard Fest. Thousands of people scream Sire’s name and he hasn’t looked back since. Sire Montgomery’s genre of choice is R&B. One of Sire Montgomery’s long time friend and producer Ajani Burton ( @_6thSense ) gave him one of his first CD’s. The artist was Tank, and finally Sire found a voice that registered in the range of sound Sire could hear.

This grew Sire’s love and admiration of not only the artist but the genre of R&B as a whole. Also, being raised in the church, R&B was the closest thing to secular music that was allowed to be listened in the house, outside of the occasionally family cookout where they played all the hits. Sire’s father was a DJ and made sure to have all the latest hits. The musician has a been on two tour since and performed in front of thousands of people. His love for performing became essential and fans grasped to tune into his involvements and motives as an artist. So much so, his dancers and camera crew practice with him months before every show as preparation. From wardrobe to light production, the stage is the time to give fans a full and immersive experience.

Away from music, Sire Montgomery carries interests and peace in his involvement in fitness, travel, NBA 2k, business management, spending time with family and friends and having his time to be alone and be free of influence to help develop a great sense of self-awareness. Self-awareness is key to maneuvering in Hollywood and the influences surrounding it. It’s set in stone and recognized that the entrepreneur is set for greatness as he captures all happinesses and greatness in his life in the music industry and away from the music. He is currently working on 200 songs a year. Theses songs include solo projects and collaborations with many amazing artists from across the world, allowing fans to experience Sire Montgomery in rare form.

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