ScrewDriverKing: 40 Features in One Tool!

The screwdriver is one of the most essential hand-held tools in any tool kit. Despite being such an important tool to have, it can be quite daunting to figure what one really needs and how to use which screwdriver attachment for which task. Many screwdrivers will only come with a few screw-bits, while with others you will have to carry both screwdriver and the screw-bits in a separate case. Whether you are looking for motivation for start some DIY or are tired of handling different screwdrivers and attachments, this is your lucky day!

ScrewDriverKing™ is the king of all screwdrivers. Packed with 40-plus essential features, it is a pocket-sized all-in-one tool that can be used in everyday repair. The state-of-the-art 18-Karat gold-plated and beveled edges make this multi-tool one of a kind. It has a seamless ergonomic anti-slip handle with dedicated storage for all your screw attachments and tools. It is a real-time saver as all tools are visible and easily accessible with a flick of a finger. It is designed to facilitate air circulation through the tool grooves, allowing air to pass through on both ends, and keeping both the tool and your hand dry and bacteria free. In addition, it features implemented rulers that can be used to measure both in inches and cm’s, and a high-precision circular bubble level that’s capable of levelling both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The integrated earth magnets will keep your screw-bits where you want them to be at all times and it can easily be transformed into a standard or a full set-up to adapt to any job you might have.

ScrewDriverKing™includes 27 different size screw-bits, the standard 1/4” and the double ended 5/16” Phillips and flat head set-ups, a double ended hex socket, plus a file tool that can be used to smooth sharp edges for perfection. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel 17-4 PH and has a valuable combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance, and hardness allowing it to withstand the toughest job you’ll throw at it. ScrewDriverKing™is a must-have tool for everyone who is looking for a multitool use for home, bicycle, electrical work, boats, cars, IT technicians and motorcycle, just to name a few. It has a spoke wrench with all the sizes available no matter what type of bike. Thanks to its innovative design, it adapts to any job you might have hobby or work.

Chiseled Design, LLC is the brain behind the versatile and smart ScrewDriverKing™. They are a New York based company striving to create innovative products to maximize every day productivity. This is their second Kickstarter and they have already succeeded in getting pledges 4 times their target budget. This is your chance to join their growing Kickstarter community and be one of the first to own the innovative ScrewDriverKing™.  The Super Early Bird is the most popular reward, and provides backers with a discount of over $100.Check out the Kickstarter page


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