Andres/XO Beats Is Showing His Amazing Talent To The Whole World Get Familiar

My name is: Andres/ XO Beats i am a 21 year old rapper and producer from uk originally born in Madrid.

So how did i get here?

Well i discovers my passion for music when i was 14 years old, i got giving some dj decks from a store that i happened to of come across, from then i then started to look into music and how it was made and produced, from this i then noticed that all these celebrities and artist were exactly like me and had smiler story to me and what iv been going through, and that i wasn’t no different to them so i decided to try and dj as i did i got better and expanded on it i also noticed that this was also a way for me to escape all the negative in life and fully enjoy it since it was my passion to dj.

However When i was 18 is started to slowly get my name out there as a dj but this wasn’t as glamorous as i thought, as i started getting into to D&B, i started to realise that this type of music wasn’t as big as i thought and i know i could expand my self from a different genre, how ever i still respected it, i just saw no vision of it making me big or it expanding plus i don’t really like the sound of it, this is mainly for underground artist and this is when, i saws more to this than just dj ing so i quit, in 2019 i decided too get into producing music and rapping i did this and got quit good at it and this when i made my song called lambo drip.

so how was lamb drip inspired?

well this was actually inspired buy a scam i had on Facebook, i made lambo drip thinking i was gonna get singed to Atlantic records but as u can tell that never happened and it all went down hill however i never let that stop me i used that as fuel instead, so i looked into distributors and witch ones were good and not so good this is when i found one that fitted me so i released lambo drip, at first the song didn’t do so well then after a couple of months it slowly started going up and getting more views, i also had more than one song released at the time when lambo drip was dropping so i decided to deleted them due to them not sounding professional enough.

what I’m currently working on?

i am currently working on my 2nd song which is inspired from past pain and experience, in 2019 to now, however i never let this pain stop me i use it to motivate me instead.

i am also currently working on a website so i can sell beats and drum kits i am also looking on expanding my brand as a musician and i wanna eventually move out go to London.

Media Contact

Organization: XO Beats

Contact Person: Andres Harston

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City: Madrid, Spain

Country: United States


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