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Dignified people are no longer silent

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Have you ever been proud of being an American citizen? Have you ever felt sacred for casting a solemn vote? Have you ever taken the oath of office for every president elected by the people and felt the hope and glory God bestowed on America? Yes, whether you believe in God or not, please remember that your vote as an American citizen is not a matter for you alone, not just for the United States, but for all mankind and our children and grandchildren. Because the American president we elected bears the destiny of all mankind in this era. As the one who can influence the destiny of seven billion people around the world, you are honored and fortunate, and you also shoulder responsibilities. Your responsibility is to defend the true will be given to you by God. When someone represents your wil...

CE officially launched, allowing users to enjoy the global inclusive financial dividend

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Foreword: Token economy is a part of blockchain technology, and tokens play an important role in the token economy. The current token economy will bestow value on token, so the blockchain technology must first land in the financial field. CE will launch with glory, and it will burst with great value based on solving industry pain points. Circular Economy, the first one-stop platform for decentralized circular economy supported by the Ethereum network, will be officially launched on November 7, 2020. The purpose is to solve the disadvantages and pain points of the current traditional centralized finance. As we all know that the traditional centralized financial institutions have gathered a large amount of social wealth and social resources, but at the same time, it has very serious dr...

Why will Trump win the 2020 election?

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When people think, God laughs. Trump will definitely win this election. No reason is needed, just believing. In order to avoid being labelled as a god-stick, I will talk about Eastern Zen Buddhism. When Master Bodhidharma taught the Dharma, he said that “no words are directed at people’s hearts”, pointing out that truth cannot be expressed in words, and what is expressed in words is not truth. The Diamond Sutra Buddha Shakyamuni also stated that the Buddha has never taught the real Dharma, and everything I say is not the righteous Dharma. Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching preaches, Tao can be very Tao, Tao is simple. Also said the unspeakable truth. Let’s talk about the amazing experimental results of modern biology and neurology. After rigorous scientific experiments, experimental experts have di...

Pony Run prediction–will the pony become the next dark horse?

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Recently, Pony Run –a block chain game product that combines DeFi+NFT+DAO was born. As soon as the beta version was launched, it attracted the attention of many currency users. Different from traditional block chain games, this is a new type of game that combines NFT functions. Users can also earn substantial profits while having fun, and obtain unique and valuable Swift horse (SHO) cards.The CryptoKitties of the big fire in 2017 have created extremely high value in just one year, and the future of PONY is promising! Today, I will give you a brief introduction to this game and how to play. What is Pony Run? Pony Run is a decentralized game of horse breeding and horse racing jointly created by the Connectome Japan team and the pony running team. Each pony has a unique genome, which ca...

Cross-Chain Money Market Governance Token, HARD, to be Co-Listed on

Press Release (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the primary co-listing of HARD Protocol’s HARD token (HARD) under the trading pair of HARD/USDT on November 6th at 10:00 a.m. EST. HARD Protocol (previously is a cross-chain money market that enables users to lend, borrow, and earn with their digital assets. HARD, the native governance token for the protocol, launched with the mainnet upgrade that took place on October 15th, 2020. The token can be used as collateral in the HARD Protocol supply and borrowing markets, as well as for voting on the management and evolution of the platform. In contrast to other money markets, HARD opens DeFi to the larger cryptocurrency market, taking token ho...